Q1. Who can benefit from Biz500.com?
Answer: Any genuine business can benefit from our service. Before we undertake any online marketing for a post, we want to speak with the business owner/director/manager to ensure that the business is genuine. It will be a brief telecon.

Q2. What do you want from your customers?
Answer: We just want 1-2 page with your business description, contact information, main keywords, and any customer testimonials that you can share. We will create a post using this information, and do the necessary online marketing.

Q3. Can one business have multiple posts?
Answer: Yes. Every business update from your side can be a new post. Each of your products and services and can be a new post. However, we can also have them all in one single post if you only have 2-3 products/services.

Q4. How can your customers derive maximum benefit from Biz500.com?
Answer: You can derive maximum benefit from Biz500.com by creating separate posts for each of your main products/services so that we can target very specific keywords for you. For example one post can be titled: “Roofing Contractors in Atlanta, GA” and another post can be titled “Roofing Contractors in Atlanta, GA” – while your company offers both these services, it is better to showcase each product/service as a separate post with link to the relevant page on your website.

Q5. What kind of contact info is required for the post?
Answer: Every post/listing should have: Website, Email, and Phone number (in case of physical business).
We will test these before we start online marketing for a given post/listing. You can add Skype, Google, Facebook account info, but those are optional.

Q6. Do you do any other projects for online marketing (other than the packages)?
Answer: If your business needs large exposure for brand building, we can do that as a custom project, where we can show your post/message to over 10 million people using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin, and series of online press releases, and Google Ads. These custom packages would typically cost about $2500-5000 per project. Please contact us to learn more.

Q7. Do you offer online marketing services to non-customers of Biz500.com?
Answer: Yes, but on case by case basis. Please contact us to share your requirement. Thanks.